Cluster 4 point OH!!!!!

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When it rains, it pours. At least that’s what they say. It sure is relevant considering the new patch that was delivered to us on Tuesday. I don’t even know where to begin, to be honest. I hear more grumblings than notes of excitement, but its to be expected with all of the new changes brought about. I could go over all of the mass changes, but I’ll save that for another post. This is more or less an observation of what I’ve seen “socially” in the game.

I run a somewhat large guild, on live. The guild consists of mostly socialites. We have more than enough raid interested members to fill nearly three 10 man teams. I have only seen a handful of the members impressed with the class changes. The majority have a variety of complaints; ranging from lower dps to complete unfamiliarity with class mechanics. I’m hoping this will all wash over as more people get adjusted.

Don’t get me wrong, there are improvements that most are happy with. I think the Justice Points conversion was a great idea. The fact that we’ll be able to farm points to spend when Cataclysm hits, helps us prepare for level 85.

Guild options have improved, and so has the UI. I’m really digging the new professions feature. I had to remind a few members that we no longer need to link our professions for gem cuts, enchants, etc. Just pop up the guild roster and search through everyone’s profs. Very cool indeed.

I’m still on the fence with Reforging and Mastery. I think Mastery is a cool concept, but everyone just seemed to reforge all their gear to more Mastery. From what I’ve seen in Beta, Mastery will make more sense at level 85. Unfortunately, my beta client hasn’t been working properly lately.

I’ll post more tonight when I find the time. I have some screenshots I’d like to post and discuss. Thanks for looking!

Twilight? Hell no. Werewolf of London? Hell yeah!

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Character Customization

Today’s post will consist of the Cataclysm Worgen starting zone. Blizzard did a wonderful job here, emphasizing the popular phasing technique they used with the death knight stating area. Blizz announced straight from the get go they planned on doing much more phasing, and this was no exception. And I have to say, I really enjoyed how they implemented it. You start out as a human looking character scrambling around in Gilneas. Apparently they are being infiltrated by (brace yourself) wolf-like beings called “Worgens”.

Worgen Start

So you run around on cobblestone streets saving citizens and killing these out of control beasts. I won’t spoil much else, other than you end up getting bit by a worgen and take part in an epic battle for contol of Gilneas.

There is absolutely no comparing this starting zone to anything like the original starting zones before the death knights. Granted, its linear, but the smooth transition from one quest to the other is like no other. Sooner than you know it, you’re level 13 and reaching the end of the zone.

Round up the troops!

Experiencing this on the beta is really challanging my decision on leveling my main to 85 over creating a worgen druid come expansion.

The scenery is spectacular, and really gives you an Old English feel.

Horse and buggie ride into town.

Thanks for looking!

Good-Bye Defias, Hello Blackrock!

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Human Cataclysm

"Hey, where the hell did the grapes go??"

In case you’re confused about this photo I took from the human starting zone, I took a screenshot from live…

Human Live

Die Defias Thief!!

It appears Blackrock Orcs have taken over the vineyard and pushed out those pesky defias. I’m still working my way around the beta client. As I get more acquainted, I’ll be posting more pictures and longer blogs. Thanks for looking!

“Cataclysm Beta invite? Yes, please.”

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The other day I checked my email and noticed a pretty common message, “Cataclysm Beta Invite.” What struck me differently about this from the other scam emails was the fact I just recently changed my user email, and I hadn’t received anything from Blizzard since then. Curiousity got the best of me, so I proceeded to open the message. No where did the email have any links for me to “accept” the invitation. The message was short and specific; check my account and look for a beta invite.

I figured, what the hell, why not check it out. Guess what? CATACLSM INVITE, HURRAY! After four hours of downloading, three hours of installing, and four more hours of downloading client patches I was ready for action. At this time I was unable to copy any of my main characters, but I was able to check out all the new starting zones. I will be posting some before and after screenshots of these zones and making any comments I find interesting.


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