Trials and Treasure, part one

Halfway up the tree, Avery sat with a copper horn held to his left ear and a bow over his right shoulder.  The horn was a gift from his father, and he told him he could hear conversations from 100 yards with it.  Luckily for him, his brother and sister were roughly only 50 yards from the tree.

“Kaden, they are almost here.  I can see them in the distance.  Be ready.”  Olivia alerted their brother while she sat on the steps to the entrance of the inn.  Kaden stood next to Olivia, the youngest of the three of them.  Both with their fiery red hair couldn’t be any more different from each other.  Olivia, the out-spoken and highly opinionated magician, was not much younger than Kaden.  She was very smart, almost too smart for her own good.  With her endearing and innocent appearance, she was often the one to represent her brothers during these arrangements.

Avery took notice, hung his father’s gift from a tree branch and readied his bow.  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted three riders making their way into the village.  The middle rider appeared to be wearing heavy armor, with the other two riders wearing hooded apprentice robes.  The sun was going down, so it was hard to make out if they carried any weapons.

Olivia stood to her feet and began to wave the riders down.  Kaden, the ever-protective brother, placed his hand over the hilt of his sword, which he conceals under his trench coat.  One not much for words, he would rather take action than waste his time negotiating deals or with diplomacy.  Kaden was stout for his age and preferred to practice hand-to-hand combat over his brother’s and sister’s archery preference.  While Avery was much craftier with his bow, he could hold his own with a dagger as well.  Olivia on the other hand, was an expert at eluding her enemies.  Her strength lied in her speed and knowledge of illusion.

The riders approached the inn and the armored one began to climb off his brown horse.  The other two riders remained on their horses.

“Olivia, I presume?  I believe I received your message.”  The armored rider smiled as he set his hand out to greet her.  He was a bit zealous and over-confident, which didn’t please Kaden in the slightest.

“Good evening, Derek.”  Olivia placed her hand over his and he lifted hers to his lips.  Suddenly, an arrow came whistling through the distance and struck the dirt directly beside the man’s boot.

“I see your brother, Avery, must be around here somewhere?  Why is it I have never had the pleasure of meeting him?”

“He prefers to observe from a distance.  Besides, I don’t think he would like you very much.”  Olivia laughed as she quickly glanced up at Avery in the tree.

“Well, I guess that would make both brothers then.  Right, Kaden?”  Derek turned his attention to her brother and made a slight gesture.

“Who are they?” Kaden nodded his head in the direction of the other two riders.

“Down to business and always to the point.  Not surprising to the least.  These two were sent to make sure our arrangements go according to plan.”  Derek’s tone was stern and his zealousness faded.


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